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Catering to Cattlemen since the 1980’s

Since 1984, Pension Advisory Group has been a boutique firm specializing in Pension Disability and Premium-Financed Life Insurance for our clients.

1 in 7
workers will be disabled for five years or more.
of disabling accidents and illnesses aren't work related, meaning Worker's Compensation doesn't cover them.
of disabilities are caused by illness, not accidents.

Retirement Income Assurance

Our patented Retirement Income Assurance Policy (RIAP) gets rid of the unnecessary, and quite frankly, unacceptable risks involved with retirement planning. Contact our office and request a census to get started.

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Peace of Mind

If you become disabled and unable to continue payments into your retirement account, benefits are paid into an annuity, which is held in trust until retirement. Injury or health issues shouldn’t jeopardize your future.

How it Works

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